Fancy Dress Costumes for a Halloween Party

Why go to a Halloween party in a boring nurse or spider woman costume? This year, shake things up and dress to impress. If you have a keen sense of taste and are determined to look stylish on Halloween, go for fancy costume dresses. Whether you choose to be a witch, a french maid or a Greek goddess, you can find a fancy dress costume that will make you the center of attention with its superior fabrics, accessories and attention to detail. Even if you have the most critical eye and a healthy dose of skepticism about Halloween costumes, you can find sophisticated fancy costume dress options that you will absolutely love to wear.

There is a wide variety of fancy dress styles to choose from, from the simple and elegant to extravagant and chic. Check out fancy dress party costumes so you can pick out the special kind of costume you will actually want to keep in your closet after the party is over.

Classic Colors: Red, Black and White

When going for a sophisticated look, a costume dress in classic solid colors of red, black and while is the best choice. This season, white is the new black as exemplified by couture fall/winter 2012-2013 collections, so if you want to be super fashionable go for a long white dress, a-la angel or goddess. Red is still the bold, sexy color that turns heads, so if that is the effect you are going for, look for bright red long fancy costume dresses, such as the devil girl, or a temptress. A black dress is a timeless classic, that you simply cannot go wrong with, especially if you want a slimming costume. While many women will most likely be wearing black on this night, you can distinguish yourself by choosing a long black dress as opposed to a short costume or a cat-woman body suite.

Fabric Quality

To choose the right fancy costume, pay attention to the look of the fabric. A high quality fancy costume will stand out from the rest because the fabric will mimic the look of expensive fabrics such as velvet, satin, and silk. Beautiful fancy costumes should also have plenty of embroidery, beads, and lace, especially if you are wearing a historical costume, such as a dress from the Renaissance period. Leather is a really hot trend this fall/winter season, so you may want to consider looking for dresses that have imitation leather sections or accessories such as a wide leather belt, or a vest. Lady pirate costumes are ideal if you want to sport a sexy look with leather on this Halloween night.

Corsets Rule

To accentuate the best parts of your figure, nothing works magic like the corset. A corset can take a few inches off your waist line, highlight your beautiful curves and draw attention to your sexy bosom. It is a sexy but stylish fashion statement that looks great both on short and long dresses. Many corsets come with sexy laces, embroidery and bead work.

Choose a Long Dress

On Halloween night, your first instinct might be to wear a super short, skimpy outfit, as these are the most common costume options that get a lot of attention. However, you can take a different approach to looking stunning and sexy by choosing a long fancy costume dress. Today, there are many long fancy dress costumes available in different styles, historical time periods, characters, themes, etc. Whether you want to be a witch, vampire, devil, angel, bride, pirate, queen, goddess, fairy, etc, you can find a long fancy dress option that will let you fully express your creative fashionista talents and be the star of the party! Long dresses are especially great if you are going to an upscale venue or to a party that has children, where overtly sexual costumes would be inappropriate.

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